Lance Tubinaghtewa

Outreach Instructional Specialist

Statewide Program

Lance is from the Hopi village of Sitsomovi and belongs to Alwungwa, the Horn Clan. Lance likes to say he’s been a practicing “conservationist” since birth, as per tradition, but has only been paid for it within the past 7 years. Boots on the ground earth works with the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps have made up the bulk of his experience within the realm of conservation, however the past 3 years have allowed Lance to evolve his capacity to facilitate educational materials and programming. His work repertoire stretches from nation wide agencies such as the National Park Service, to more localized organizations like the Grand Canyon Trust. Lance is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at Arizona State University and hopes to utilize his experiences for his home village and ensure the longevity of his people. If you can’t find Lance at the Project WET office be sure to keep an eye out for him just off one of the many hiking trails here in Arizona, under a tree, and with a good book in hand!