The Celebration of Learning is a time for all water festival participants to come together and celebrate water education. The celebration is an additional option for participants and is held at the end of the Arizona Water Festival Curriculum Unit after students have completed all 10 lessons. The celebration is a space for students to interact in a fun and entertaining way with their local Arizona Water Festival teams (made even more fun with a magician master of ceremonies), and solidify their learning about Arizona’s water and its impact on their lives.

The Celebration of Learning is a 50-minute event that will feature student's products of learning and water festival partner videos. Water magic from Mr. Steele will keep the fun rolling!

To find out more about the celebration or to see if your school district will be participating in a Celebration of Learning, please contact Julie Hasty at

About Richard Steele

Richard Steele is an award winning internationally known magician that has toured with Green Day, Selena Gomez, Vans Warped tour, presidents, fortune 500 companies  and thousands of other events. With a background in education Richard will be engaging with Arizona Project WET (APW) to bring a virtual experience like no other! This is not a boring and relentless zoom meeting! You will be amazed, engaged, and wanting more. With APW and Richard Steele you will have an amazing time all while learning about water, the water cycle and so much more. Did we mention Richard will be performing award winning magic and mind-reading while you laugh, smile and learn? We can't wait to see you!